Suggested Daily Readings for Lent Ash Wed – 2nd Sunday of Lent

There will be daily reflections for Lent starting on Ash Wednesday and running all the way through to Easter.

The readings are following the pattern used in ‘Lent for everyone, Matthew Year A’ by Tom Wright.
Please read through the passage once or twice and there is also a suggested main focus but of course something else may speak to you on any particular day.

Wed. 1st March – Ash Wednesday – Matthew 1 & 2 (main focus 18-24)

Thurs. 2nd March – Matthew 3 (main focus 13-17)

Fri. 3rd March – Matthew 4 (main focus 17-23 also compare with John 1. 35-42)

Sat. 4th March – Matthew 4 – again, (main focus 1-11)

Sun. 5th March – Psalm 32

Mon. 6th March – Matthew 5 (main focus 1-15)

Tues. 7th March – Matthew 6 (Main focus, Matthew 6.1 & 9-15)

Wed. 8th March – Matthew 7 (main focus 15-23)

Thurs. 9th March – Matthew 8 (Main focus 5-13)

Fri. 10th March – Matthew 9 (Main focus 9-13)

Sat. 11th March – Matthew 17.1-13

Sun. 12th March – Psalm 121





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