We have received the following information, though it is a couple of days old it gives information which may be helpful (especially in section 3).

Assistance to flooded areas.

5th – 12th December

1.      Where was flooded?

Areas in Lancaster and Wyre.

2.      Recovery Phase

Long term process – with some short term needs

  1. Health Concerns
  2. Food (quality / shortages) + drinking water
  3. Housing
  4. Contractors
  5. Displaced persons (short / long term concerns)
  6. Education
  7. Emotional / mental health impacts
  8. Facilities
  9. Casualties
  10. Drinking water
  11. Benefits / grants
  12. Insurance
  13. Health services

All discussed and acted upon by recovery Group under Emergency Planning

3.      Potential assistance

  1. Vulnerable people – not known to Social Care or others – names and addresses with description of need to be sent to Ed Saville if unable to make local contact.
  2. I have a list of affected people in Churchtown, St Michaels and Garstang, with some of their needs (which may now have been met) .
  3. Benefits / grants.
    1. All households affected by the flooding will receive a £500 initial government award from Lancashire County Council by the end of December from the Government’s £60 million flood fund. For general queries on government awards, please contact your local Council.For households affected who are in hardship additional government and charitable funds are available via a grants application process with the Community Foundation. If you have been affected by the flooding in Lancashire you can apply to the fund now. Guidelines for funding and an application form can be downloaded below
    2. For individuals
    3. Guidelines-for-individuals.doc
    4. Application-form-individuals.doc
    5. For groups
    6. Guidelines-for-groups.doc
    7. Online applications:https://ukcf.secure.force.com/forms/cflm/lancsfloodrecoveryfund



1.      Where was flooded?

Ribchester 20 properties

Whalley 100 properties

Croston 60 properties

West Lancashire 67 properties

South Ribble 39 properties

All these are residential properties –  there are also 40 commercial properties

2.      Recovery phase

NOT yet in place – potential further impact tomorrow.

3.      Potential Assistance

As above.

In general it is best to liaise with the local clergy, or local police / Fire and Rescue before venturing in.

Ascertain from them what is required, and respond appropriately. Please remember not to put yourselves at risk.

Croston has had Chinook helicopters delivering sandbags to repair a breach in the River Douglas, this will need completing on Wednesday

4.      Forecast

Rain is expected between 0600 and 1200 on 30.12.15. 10mm-20mm expected in Croston with 20mm-40mm expected in east and north Lancashire.

Worst case scenario is that flood alerts will be issued.

Environment agency confident that Croston will not be affected by an overtopping of the breach.




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