Bishop Geoff visited Croston on the 30th December to meet with Revd Michael & Revd Janet before touring the village to see the destruction caused by the flooding and to speak with local people.
Bishop Geoff spent the afternoon in the village speaking with a wide variety of people and members of the emergency services before visiting the Sports Social Club and Croston Park Nursing Home and was really impressed with the strength of the community spirit and how people were managing to cope in the face of such adversity, he also assured everyone of the diocese support offered their help if needed.

As we can see on the Croston News Facebook page this offer has already been accepted and hopefully will continue to develop in the new year:

We are in the process of setting up a Croston Flood Relief as a Charity along with trustees and a bank account. We will be working with the village and the Diocese of Blackburn to raise funds for those badly impacted by the floods, we will also be looking for grants for residents to help people get back to some level of normality. If you feel you can help then please contact me on 07545 976151 (Mark Cowley). Many thanks

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