None of us can fail to notice how this Omicron strand of the virus is continuing to become so dominant here in the UK and throughout the world.  Our hope is that the restrictions put in to place recently coupled with the roll out of the booster vaccinations will begin to halt its progress.  With all the uncertainty we have today cancelled our very popular Christmas Eve Christingle services in Bretherton and Croston.  I fully understand that we will all have very mixed feelings about this decision, on the one hand we desperately want to do our best to celebrate the great mystery and wonder of the incarnation, but on the other hand we are concerned about our own safety and wellbeing and that of our families, friends and communities.  So after consultation I have, with a heavy heart, decided to cancel the Christingle services for this year.  We have no idea what the infection rates will be like by the time we get to Christmas Eve, but it doesn’t seem likely they will have dropped.

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