Croston Coffee Day 2021 Quiz




  1. What is carved on the plaque on the Old Police Station?


  1. How many almshouses are there?


  1. What year was the railway line opened in Croston?


  1. Who was the architect of the OLD Croston Hall and Chapel of the Holy Cross?


  1. What river forms the boundary between Croston and Bretherton?


  1. What year was the stone cross replaced on the steps in Church Street?


  1. How many bridges cross the River Yarrow in Croston?


  1. What names are on the listed Boundary Stone?


  1. What is the name of our Twin Town?


  1. Where is Dandy Croft?


  1. What is the date on Town Bridge? How much did it cost to build?


  1. What is the official name of the road known locally as the M7?


  1. When was the last time Coffee Day was rained off?


  1. What was the family name of the occupants of the OLD Croston Hall?


  1. Where is the listed building, Bogger’s Cabin?


  1. How many public houses are there in Croston?


  1. Old maps show Club Street. What is it called now? When was it demolished?


  1. Where was Beehive Farm?


  1. Who was the Sarscow (pronounced saysca) Lady?


  1. What date was it when over 200 houses were flooded in Croston?


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