What a wonderful day, the sun was shining and the church was full of excited chatter as we looked forward to our ‘Walk of Witness’ all pews were filled and lots of families standing in the open area’s enjoying the service . Many of us learn’t a new song, thankfully the children and some of the parents knew the words and the actions so they helped the rest of us as we joined in.

As you can see from the photographs we were well supported by the bands, children from our uniform organisations and the schools. It was also lovely to see so many people lining the route and enjoying the day.

The Coffee Day Committee would like to thank all those volunteers who helped not only throughout the year but on the day to make Coffee Day such a special event yesterday.

There are too many to name but they all know who they are and also to thank the people of Croston for their attendance, support and assistance which helped to make the 6th July 2019 a special day for the village.

Thank you.

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