Brothers and sisters
We will all now be aware of the statement to the nation last night from our Prime Minister. We must all now strictly follow these instructions doing our bit to support one another and especially those on the frontline services that are still operating who are facing such a challenging time.

If we do that we will save lives, that is the reality.

All our churches will remain closed until further notice, no public worship, no baptisms or weddings.
I expect further instructions to be issued with regard to funerals.
Indeed today I am taking a funeral for a friend at the Crematoria.

Its so important that we look after ourselves, our families, friends and neighbours and thankfully we can keep in touch via social media, and the good old telephone.

So please do minimise your time outside the home and do follow the guidelines that our Prime Minister issued last night.
We will get through this together.
With love and prayers. Revd Michael (Rector)

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