A big thank you to all involved last weekend making the “Christmas Tree Festival” a big success. We made an amazing £1800 plus ( just awaiting the invoice for the Old School to confirm the actual amount.) Considering we had a hurricane on Sunday I think this is magnificent. Our visitors deserve a big thank you.
We welcomed trees / exhibitions from both schools, pre schools, day nurseries,  uniformed organisations, Croston Park as well as many groups / businesses and organisations around the village – a real community event. The winning tree was “Acorns Nursery” water bottle tree. The WI came second.
 Refreshments and stalls in the Old School made a huge contribution to the profits – Stewards  / helpers in church, refreshment organisers did an amazing job. Lavinia and Anne deserve a big pat on the back for all the sewing beforehand, not forgetting all the cake makers.  Big thanks from us to you all for helping us make this happen.
We will be having stalls in church on the Sunday of the Croston Festivities selling soup, cakes, crafts and books – if you can help us let me know 
Thank you 
Kathryn and the fundraising group
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