The village comes out to celebrate

The church was full for the short service before the Walk of Witness through the village. Reverend Janet gave a short address about how we need to put a stamp on a letter to ensure our message is delivered by the postman and we were like postage stamps because we were going out into the village to deliver the message of Jesus out into the community.

Coffee Day 2015_0308 Coffee Day 2015_0309

Though Reverend Janet only became our Associate Priest this year her family have always lived in the area and her first memories of Coffee Day go back to when she was 3 years old. Another person with lots of memories of Coffee Day is Margaret who for many years has worked tirelessly organising the raffle to help towards the financial cost of the day.Margaret

As usual we were blessed with a sunny day and the village was packed with people enjoying the celebration.

Coffee Day 2015_0313


Coffee Day 2015_0318

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Coffee Day 2015_0328


Coffee Day 2015_0325



We would like to thank residents for moving their cars so the roads were clear for the procession, without your support and cooperation we would have had problems with the procession and the spectators couldn’t have enjoyed the spectacle of the children, banners, clergy, band & people walking past.

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