Congratulations Katie on raising £344.55 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

We are very proud of Katie who worked so hard planning and preparing for the Coffee Morning in church. Katie wanted to do something special in memory of her granddad Antony who died earlier this year and she started weeks ago as she made personal invites to give to people and approached people to ask for their support making cakes and helping on the day.

As you can see all the preparation ensured there was magnificent variety of cakes and biscuits for people to enjoy.







Katie and her helpers were ready to serve everyone after our regular Sunday Service on the 24th September and they were thrilled when the congregation either stayed to enjoy the food and a cup of tea or coffee, or purchased cakes and biscuits to take home with them.











Reverend Michael enjoyed a cake before rushing off to another service and a very proud grandmother Reverend Janet can be seen buying a cake to eat before she also had to leave for another service.


Katie wants to thank everyone for their support, the event wouldn’t have been such a success without the support of the helpers and everyone who stayed to enjoy the cakes and drinks.

We also want to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to Katie and everyone for supporting her and enabling her to raise such a wonderful amount of money for an organisation which provides such vital support for people with cancer and their families.






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