Last week Lancaster and Morecambe Foodbank ran out of food.

Such is the desperate need that is continuing to grow within our country.

The Food bank we support was able to help and send some donations as I’m sure food banks are helping each other throughout the country.

I know in past years the Ecumenical Centre Food bank has given food to Liverpool food banks .

I have seen the vans when I’ve taken our donations

This is due to people like us supporting this vital work which is mostly done by volunteers .

I write this letter in the hope that you are able to carry on with your donations

Please leave your donations at 19 Highfield Rd or ,3 Westhead rd

Times are going to get harder but for people to know that others care and will share is such a life line message that we can send out.

Thank you

Keep safe and healthy

Best wishes to you all


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