Nazanin was sentenced again with new jumped up charges for another year with another year after unable to leave Iran back in March / April.

j Richard and Gabrielia will be outside 5e Foreign and Commonwealth Office painting stones and hopefully many more people bringing painted stones or painting stones that request our government to at last take action after 5 and half years and bring her home .
Dilys Lightfoot supported Richard when he did his hunger strike two years ago outside the Iranian Embassy and will be outside the Croston Methodist Chapel with Pebble / stone paints and some pebbles. She invites you to join her to bring your painted pebbles for hope, justice and love or come and paint with her paints to extend their pray garden and show support for Nazanin.

She I will take a photo to send to our MP and Free Nazanin who work tirelessly to support her and try to get our government to take action.

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