It is lovely to see you all in church at the main events in the calendar- Easter, Harvest, Remembrance and Christmas time.

However, we would like to develop our church life and our role in the community so that more people would like to be involved throughout the year.

The truth is, the church community has been slowly declining and our finances are now unsustainable. We have to face the uncomfortable question –

  • Is our church worth saving?
  • And, if it is, how do we change to meet the needs of our 21st Century community?

On Saturday January 11th 3pm till 5pm and Wednesday January 15th 2.30pm till 4pm & 6pm till 8pm we will be having drop in sessions to gather your views.  It will be informal and relaxed; and we want to hear from you.  

What do we need to start doing; and stop doing to make church a place you would like to be more a part of? We need your ideas, comments, thoughts and, yes, criticisms too.

For the next few months we will be keeping an ‘Ideas board‘ in church and a supply of cards to record your thoughts.  There are some on the pews to start today.

We need to know what you think, so if you can’t make any of the January drop in sessions insert dates (or don’t want to) please take a few moments to write down your thoughts and pin them on the board. Alternatively you can e-mail them to insert e-mail.

A church only works if it meets the needs of its community – We need your help to know how to make it better together.

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