2019 was another wonderful celebration of the many gifts we receive from God with each of our parishes decorating their church with a wide verity of flowers and produce which will be given to the food banks and churches in Chorley who provide meals for the homeless.

St John the Baptist, Bretherton

St Peters, Mawdesley

St Michael & All Angels, Croston

During the Harvest service Reverend Michael looked at the gifts of the harvest and reflected on how they were relevant to the story of Jesus and the ultimate gift he gave so our sins might be forgiven.

The teachers and children from Trinity St Michaels school joined us and sang a song which reminds us that we should give thanks to God every time we shop for the food we buy, for he is the provider of all things; though we mustn’t forget the people who work to produce the food we buy.


We also plan to add photo’s of St John the Baptist, Bretherton in the next few days so please visit our website again to see each of the wonderful displays.

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