The British Red Cross Society is the largest agency recognised by the Govt to support Refugees & Asylum Seekers. They are still working hard to support those people who fled from the Syrian Crisis a couple of years ago. Our church, working with the Methodists, collected a lot of men’s clothing, and later nappies and children’s clothes to support the family groups. Then Covid hit!!!

Some of these families have still not been ‘settled’ and still need support.

Now, the Afghan situation has compounded the need.

Our contact at the Red Cross, Wonder Phiri, expects 84 families to come to our region in the next week or so (when their quarantine ends).
He asks us for help with the families – they need a supply of school uniform, especially shoes – for all ages of children.

If you have any items which your children have out-grown please bring them to church.

(Wednesdays & Sundays 10-4pm)

If you would like to contribute, but cannot shop yourself I am happy to accept donations…

All the super markets are selling school uniform now and I will shop on your behalf!

Janet Maggs

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