News from the Marstons serving with Agape Student Life UK.
July and August is the long summer break for the University of Nottingham and most of the students we spend the rest of the year with disperse all over the world.

For us, the university summer break involves three things: Re-equipping ourselves in valuable ministry skills, Re-connecting with some of our ministry partners and, of course, a little bit of Relaxing.

The main way we invested in our personal growth this summer was by joining the two week long TransIT conference. This was for staff serving across Europe who are not in their home culture. We were invited because Sarah is from New Zealand but serving in the UK, but Ben managed to sneak in too!

TransIT Group
TransIT Group

Culture is a funny thing. Many of the assumptions we make are determined by the culture we grew up in. When moving to a different country, even those as similar as the UK and New Zealand, our assumptions tend to be challenged.

The conference was a really helpful time for both of us as we reflected on our experiences of serving outside of our home countries. We gained some great tools for serving well and for processing some of the challenges we sometimes encounter.

We also really enjoyed meeting people from all over the world who are or have been serving outside of their home country. It was hugely inspiring to be around these men and women of faith who have made some huge sacrifices in order to make disciples of Jesus far from their own homes.

We are currently back in New Zealand until the beginning of September. This is what’s known as furlough. A chance to spend time with friends and family in New Zealand who we haven’t seen for a couple of years, as well as see some of YOU our ministry partners. If you’re in Christchurch, Wellington or Auckland don’t be surprised if you hear from us. We’re looking forward to sharing with you about what God has us involved in at the University of Nottingham.

Please Pray for….

  • Students who are involved with Student Life in Nottingham. That they’d be continuing to grow in their faith over the summer break, especially, Mike, Rachel, Holly, Vanessa and Gemma.
  • Preparations for the start of the new academic year in September and for opportunities to connect with new students.
  • Ben & Sarah, that God would keep us safe as we travel and help us to enjoy the time we have in New Zealand.
Sarah & Ben Marston serving with Student Life in Nottingham, England.
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