Looking on the 3 churches website I read they were asking children over the age of 10 years to come and have a go at bell ringing.

Croston Bellringing

In January I went to Croston Church where I met the bell ringing team and the first thing they did was take me up the bell tower to show me the 8 bells they were huge!!!! I also looked out of the tower and saw Croston village down below.

KatieThen they started to teach me how to hold the rope correctly and I was warned NEVER LET IT GO!!. After a few weeks learning backstroke I then started to practice the hand stroke where I had to catch the ‘Sallie’ that is the furry piece on the rope.

I have enjoyed going to the practices and I am now starting to put both strokes together, the next thing I have to learn is to ring in time with other bell ringers. Some of the bell ringers have been ringing for years and said they are still learning. Bell ringing is really enjoyable and I am really looking forward to ringing my first peal and change.

Katie Souther aged 10 years


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