The Paillusson and Dawson  families are back in Macedonia to continue the good work Bruno and his family were involved with last year.

They’ve arrive in Skopje ready for the start a busy few days as they continue to work with the school and help locals with improvements to some of their homes.

Bruno’s update Tuesday 22nd October 2019

The team has met the staff today, Dijana (Head), Ivana and Fetija (Helpers). We stayed all morning there, had a chat about what we were going to do the rest of the week and helped to entertain the children.
We then went to the kitchen and met a man called Tony who caters for about 15 children everyday, it is different from the pre-school as these kids/teenagers come from all over. We helped with serving the meals then Debbie and Susan did the washing up.  We asked Tony if he needed anything for the kitchen and he gave us a list and we went to but the stuff later on in the afternoon and will take it to him tomorrow and start doing games with the children.
We have to sing a song tomorrow, the 5 of us!!!!!
We have decided to sing “How Great is Our God”

Bruno’s update Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Photo’s only today, I think they must be worn out after what looks like a very busy but enjoyable day

Susan’s photo’s & Bruno’s update Thursday 24th October 2019

We are approaching the end of our visit now.

After going to the ‘Big Bazar’ where we purchased shrubs, ivy and rosemary we have been doing some planting at the school, it was quite hard work I must admit the soil was hard as rock and the sun was constantly reminding us of its presence but we got the job done eventually!

We have done face painting today!!
Before catching the bus this morning we went for our last shopping trip adding to the knives, forks, pans, cups, chopping board, kettle, kitchen utensils, cooking oil etc. purchased the previous days. We also bought shampoo, shower gel, toilet paper, tea, coffee, table tennis bats and balls and more!!

We have decided as a group to cook tomorrow!!

The local church ‘Glasnost’ is preparing on Friday around 100 individual meals for the homeless of Skopje, these meals will be distributed on Saturday lunch time, unfortunately we will be on our way back home at this time we however feel it our duty to go and help as much as we can.

Bruno’s update Friday 25th October 2019

As you can see everyone was really busy preparing, cooking and packaging the individual meals today.

Saturday sees us traveling home again after a very busy week, though this years trip to Macedonia has come to an end the school and people of Skopje remain in our thoughts and prayers.


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