Friday, 3rd August, 2018 at The Bungalow, High Street, Mawdesley from 11am to 3pm. 

Please come along and join us for a coffee and a chat.     All contributions of cakes etc would be most welcome.

I am holding this  event because in 1982 my brother at the age of 40 was living in America and training to take part in the New York marathon.   Unfortunately he was running on a country road at 7.30am……….there was only one car and him.  And he was killed outright.    We don’t know if he tripped or the car driver fell asleep,   But my brother was dead.

In January this year my daughter Heather, aged 34 years died after a 3 year fight with cancer.   My second daughter Gemma, has managed to be given a place  to run in the New York marathon this year but she has to raise over £2,000. for Macmillan to qualify for the place.    

Gemma wants to run the marathon in memory of her Godfather and to raise the money for Macmillan for the help they gave to her sister Heather in her fight with cancer.

I hope you will feel able to support us in this quest and look forward to seeing you next Friday.   

Best wishes

Elaine Marsh.

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