On Friday 8th July Reverend Michael was joined by members of the British Legion & the congregation for a short service of prayers by the graves of two local soldiers who died in the Battle of the Somme.
There sacrifice may have taken place 100 years ago but it just as important today as it was at the time, their sacrifice along with many others from around the world ensured we can enjoy the freedom we often take for granted. Despite all the documentaries it’s impossible to truly imagine the horror and deprivation soldiers experienced in the trenches during the First World War but we can honor them by remembering them with fondness and gratitude not just today but as we go about our daily lives, Gunner R. Southworth & Privates William Wells & Ernest Cubbin gave their lives so we could have the Freedom to enjoy ours.

Mawdesley battle of the somme

Mawdesley battle of the somme


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