Children & teachers from St Peter’s Church of England Primary School joined us as we hosted a sherry and mince pie afternoon for the residents of Hurst Green.
We were treated to a range of songs by the children.

Everyone really enjoyed listening to the children sing and we can’t thank the headmaster, teachers and children enough for their support for both the church and the local community.
The teachers and children must have worked really hard teaching and learning all the songs and the organisation required in arranging for the children to attend such events is testimony to the schools commitment to the local community.

The singing was the highlight of the afternoon and brought both the message of Christmas and the teaching of Jesus that we should love each other as brothers and sisters regardless of who they are or where they live.

After the children returned to school everyone continued to enjoyed the festive spirit as they pulled the crackers and enjoyed the food and drink.

Though this is the first time we have organised such an event at Hurst Green Community Center we are hoping to arrange other events which encourage the community to come together to enjoy the companionship and to chat about what is going on in the village and their lives.

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