The afternoon began with a short service in church lead by members of each of the Christian churches in the village before we began the procession from outside
St Peter’s Church.
It seemed as though nearly everyone in the village came to join the walk of witness.



Tractor 1 Minions

A big thank you to the people who worked hard decorating the floats and the farmers who provided and drove the tractors, even the Minions came out to see them drive past.


As usual we stopped outside the Eagle & Child pub in Bispham and watched the Morris Dancers while the children had drinks of juice.

Morris Dancers      Banner

Mothers Union

We then returned through the village to the Black Bull pub, though it is closed for refurbishment we were still offered soft drinks and the Morris Dancers again provided the entertainment. How they find the energy to process with us and then dance while we have a rest is amazing.
Morris Dancers 1




After returning to the church to sing a hymn outside church we walked down to the Cricket Ground and enjoyed the hospitality of food and drink provided by the ladies of the village.
Meal 1Meal

The event is probably unique as the whole village comes together for the weekend and to provide the wonderful food for everyone to enjoy after the walk.
A huge thank you to everyone who works so hard to provide such a wonderful event which enables us to come together to witness our faith and celebrate as a community.

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