21st & 22nd July

Don’t miss this opportunity to visit Mawdesley and see the scarecrows all around the village and in the church graveyard, as you can see from the picture of the St Peter’s School display a lot of hard work has gone into making this a truly memorable event.

If you’ve never visited Mawdesley before this is an ideal opportunity and there are plenty of opportunities to have refreshments as we have a Tea Room and Pub on the main road through the village and we’re sure as you walk around the village there will be other venues set up especially for the event.

As well our own scarecrows there is the opportunity to look around the church and learn a bit about it’s history also tea, coffee and biscuits will be available.

The church is open from 10.00am till 4pm both days, but will be closed for a Wedding Blessing Service between 12.15 & 2pm on Sunday.

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