25th July 2017 Update:

The restoration work in church is progressing well and currently on target to be completed by the end of October.
You can see some photographs of the work in progress  mainly on the roof above the South aisle on our website.


As part of the process of obtaining the very generous funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to enable us to do the work, we had to submit detailed plans to show how the church would be made more available to the public, apart from our regular congregation, and how we would enable visitors to see our church after the restoration.

We hope to arrange a weekend of events to celebrate the reopening of the church in late October or early November and further details will be available when we have a firm date.

We have produced a new guide to the history and heritage of the church. There is a “Virtual Tour” available on our website and groups can book guided tours. We hope to open the church more regularly for regular afternoon teas & visits as well as a programme of  music concerts throughout the year. We will be hosting our local schools more in church and running another Arts & Crafts competition.

All these things need people to help to organise and run various events. In particular, we need a small number of people willing to be trained to give guided tours of the church to individuals and groups. We also need people to join the fundraising team to help to organise and staff various events.

If you feel that you would like to help with any of these things then please contact  Andrew or Bill, the Church Wardens or Rev Michael or Rev Janet.

4th July 2017 Update:

Below is a copy of the progress pictures showing the work opening up of the South isle timbers for inspection and repair.


After all the hard work fund raising and the generous support of the Lottery Fund the work has begun to repair the damage to the roof and floor of the church caused by death watch beetle and dry rot.

Work is expected to continue until the end of October 2017 but it is too early to be able to give an accurate date for completion and the reopening of the church.

We will continue to publish updates about the restoration work and once known the date for the church reopening.

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