In December children from Trinity & St Michael’s CE & Methodist Primary School & Bishop Rawestorne Academy were invited to enter a photographic completion of the church sponsored by Richard Shallcross who kindly provided the prizes.
The children were invited to submit a maximum of 2 photographs with some link to St Michael’s Church and they were encouraged to use their imagination and the photographs could be in colour or black & white.

The closing date for submitting entries was the end of December 2014 and in January our congregation and visitors to the church were asked to vote for their favourite photograph from each of the schools over a 3 week period. The competition proved to be very popular and everyone was keen to add their vote.

A big thank you goes to Theo Shallcross who had the task of counting all votes and announcing the winners from each of the schools.

We are pleased to announce the result:

Trinity & St Michael’s School:-

Charlie Farmer Year 3

St. Michael's Charlie Farmer Year 3 1


3 children will be receiving the 2nd prize:

Evie Brandon Year 2

Evie Brandon Year 2

Alicia Turner Year 5

Alice Turner year 5

Daisy White Year 1

Daisy White

We would also like to thank Emily & Lucy Websdell who also entered photo’s.

Bishop Rawstorne Academy:-

1st Sophie Bates Year 8.

Sophie Bates


2nd Naomi Lovelady  Year 8

Naomi Loveday Year 8

The prizes were presented during the Family Service by Reverend Janet Taylor and Kay Beatty Headmistress of Trinity & St Michaels School and the children were presented with copies of their photographs.

It was a lovely service with many taking an active part in the service as the uniformed organisations paraded into church carrying their banners and children from both Trinity St Michael’s and Bishop Rawstorne Academy took an active part in the service to mark Education Sunday.

As a congregation we like to welcome the children who are baptised the week previous week and the Beavers presented a bible to Joshua William Marston who had been baptised on the 1st February.

We would like to give a big thank all the children who entered the competition judging by the time people spent looking at the photographs before casting their votes it was no easy decision choosing a winner.

The other photo’s entered are:

Emily Websdell Year 1

Emily Websdell entry 2Emily Websdell Year 1



Lucy Websdell Year 3

Lucy Websdell entry 2Lucy Websdell Year 3

Daisy White

Daisy White Year

 Evie Brandon

Evie Brandon

 Charlie Farmer


 Alicia Turner

Alice Turner (2)

 Naomi Loveday

Naomi Loveday Year 8(2)

 Sophie Bates

Sophie Bates year 8

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