After a great deal of prayer, reflection and consultation our diocese has developed a shared vision ‘Healthy Churches Transforming Communities’ which will be our primary focus taking us to 2026 and the 100th Anniversary of the Diocese of Blackburn. The vision of ‘Healthy Churches Transforming Communities’ has three mission priorities

  • Making disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Being witnesses to Jesus Christ
  • Growing leaders for Jesus Christ

This Vision 2026 Study Course contains five sessions each focussing on a different aspect of our Diocesan vision

  • Session 1 – Healthy Churches
  • Session 2 – Transforming Communities
  • Session 3 – Making disciples of Jesus Christ
  • Session 4 – Being witnesses to Jesus Christ
  • Session 5 – Growing leaders for Jesus Christ

The course has been produced to assist us as local churches in applying Vision 2026 to their local context, I am sure you will find the course enjoyable, thought provoking and encouraging. The hope is that through this course we will be able to discover what the vision means for us within our local parishes. This should then lead us to identify practical steps that we are able to take to help create ‘Healthy Churches Transforming Communities’ here in our United Benefice.

Please sign up in your local church, once we have an idea of numbers we will decide where and when to run the course.

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