Our Vision Champion’s attend a meeting at Whalley Abbey

On Wednesday 26th October is Bishop Julian, Dave Champness (Vision Coordinator) and the Vision Champions reflected on the Crossroads Weekend. Looked at Mission Action Planning and shared our ideas for building on the wonderful mission work over the Crossroad Weekend.

Looking at the photo’s you might be fooled into thinking we were all glum, but we had a really good evening sharing ideas and chatting about the success of the Crossroad Weekend, but also looking at what we could learn from the weekend as we plan future events whether large or small.

As you can see Elaine (Vision Champion, St Peter’s Church, Mawdesley with Bispham) was very studious taking notes.

Bishop Julian reminded us of the importance of prayer in everything we do, if we want God’s support or guidance then we must ask for it!

Prayer is not just for Sunday’s, when we are at church or in times of trouble, it’s something we should do all the time and it doesn’t have to be anything formal just chat about what is going on in your life just like you would with a friend or family member, God’s listens to all we say no matter how we say it.

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